Together with the inspection system that established and controlled strictly at each production process is the laboratory that accredited with ISO 17025-2005 standard, equipped with modern testing machines such as mechanical testing machine and X-ray examination system produced by Shimadzu and Rigaku – Japan, cycling machine produced by IVS – Taiwan, etc., and other testing equipment giving accurate testing results and high reliability, meeting all domestic and foreign standards. The testing and inspection that shown in below picture are performed in according to applicable standards for quality control and assurance of each output products:


Chemical composition test (Out sourcing at SGS Vietnam)

X-Ray examination 


Material and weld tensile tests:

Weld bending tests:


Expansion and burst test 

Cyclic test (only applicable for type approval)


Cylinder cap visual and measurement inspection after deep drawing.

Macro test for weld joint


Overall dimension test 

Minimum wall thickness measurement


Inspection of finished paint layer thickness

Inspection of finished paint layer adhesion